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6 Ways Studying Abroad Impacts Your Life
Studying abroad may be that defining moment in your education that impacts you for life. Leaving your home university for a semester, summer or even a full year is a huge, but well worth-it, risk. Before you depart, you’ll need to mentally prepare yourself for the exciting, yet life-changing, experiences that you’ll encounter while living in a completely foreign country — nothing in your life presently will be quite the same after studying abroad, because:
Your perspectives will be global.Your attitudes will be international.In some cases, your language proficiency will be advanced.Your resume will be more attractive.You will have new lifelong friendships.You will make memories that you will carry forever. The largest misconception that prevents students from participating in study abroad is its perceived inaccessibility. Yet, students who do study abroad are often amazed at how easy it was to put the whole thing together! Financial ai…